Top 10 Countries With Blue Yellow Red Flag

The blue yellow red flag of Colombia is a striking example of a flag with an interesting design. The South American country is the 26th largest in the world, with coastlines in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. In fact, Colombia is ranked as the 2nd most biodiverse country in the world, behind only Brazil. Likewise, the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s flag is a unique combination of colors, with a sky blue background, a yellow star in the upper left canton, and a red stripe with yellow fimbriation.

Colombia’s flag has three horizontal stripes

The three horizontal stripes on the Colombian flag represent the country’s three main regions. The yellow, blue, and red colors represent the country’s natural resources. The three colours also symbolize sovereignty, justice, and harmony. In the original design, the three colors were created by Francisco de Miranda, a Venezuelan military officer. He was inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s theory of colors. The colors red, blue, and yellow are not equal.

The three stripes on Colombia’s flag symbolize the country’s rich mineral wealth. The yellow stripe represents the country’s gold mines. The blue stripe represents the Pacific Ocean, while the red stripe represents the blood shed during the struggle for independence. The colors are also symbolic of the country’s history. During the time of Spanish colonization, the land of Colombia was ruled by the Spanish. However, its independence was granted in the 19th century. Although Colombia is now a sovereign country, it has been plagued by political instability and a bloody drug war in the countryside.

The Colombian flag is a rectangular design with three horizontal stripes. The red stripe occupies about half of the flag, while the blue stripe occupies one-fourth of it. The yellow stripe is the only strip of the flag that has a vertical component.

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